Neuropsychology Board Game

For our neuropsychology module we were asked to create a board game. The aim of the game is to teach players about the different parts of the brain and their functions while also being fun. I helped to create this game along with two other classmates. The game is based off of Kurplunk, we named ours K’Noggin


The players are asked to pick a card which has a question relating to the brain on it. There are three levels of questions; easy, medium and hard. If they answer the question correctly they may remove the sticks from the chamber. Inside the chamber are marbles and the aim is to release the marbles with each round that is played. The player with the most marbles wins the game. The amount of sticks that can be removed per question depends on the level of the question. If it is an easy question one may be removed, if it is a medium question two may be removed and if it is a hard question three may be removed.

It is a very interactive game and it really tests the players skill and level of knowledge in neuropsychology. It was a very fun project to work on as it was really different from the rest of our assignments. It really show cased our creativity in different areas. My group worked really well together, and we all contributed to the creation of the game. I chose to include it into my portfolio as I believe it shows my ability to work in a team and my creativity.


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