First Website Design

In my second year Multi Media module we were asked to create a website that tackles the theme of helping students access college and resources. I chose to centre mine around the topic of mental health. More specifically providing resources for students who felt they were struggling with both keeping up with their mental health and college.  Below is an image of my websites homepage.screenshot-6

We were asked to use a coding program called Brackets, with this  I wrote all the HTML and CSS myself for the site. It was a very interesting experience to be able to learn HTML and CSS from scratch and implement it.


The content for the site was sourced from other websites as well as most of the images. Some of the images I took and edited them to match the colour scheme of the site.


I really enjoyed learning HTML and CSS for this assignment. It was good to see something tangible and interactive with code that I was able to write. I also liked how I was able to explore a topic in psychology and implement theory with practice. I hope to be able to implement this skill set in the future and create new projects.


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