Gender Infographic

In second year for our multimedia class we were asked to create an infographic using Adobe Illustrator. We were allowed to choose any topic we wanted and it had to be interesting and educational.

infrographic2The infographic was to be used to help educate first years on subjects that were current and relevant in IADT. I chose to do mine on the topic of gender and attempting to explain the complexity of gender in current times. All the graphics used in the infographic I made my self. It gives a brief overview of the various topics that can be explored in gender. Such as the difference between a person’s gender and biological sex, how to use a person’s preferred pronouns correctly and gender identity and expression.

Before starting this assignment my knowledge of Adobe Illustrator was somewhat basic, however upon completion of this project I feel as though I am well skilled in the program. I used a lot of tutorials to help me found on This allowed me to learn how to edit and create things correctly. I found this to be a lot of fun and I genuinely enjoyed the work.


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