Let’s Go

For our third year Web Applications module we were asked to help create pages for a web app case study called ‘Let’s Go’.  Let’s Go was designed to help people with disabilities or those who suffered with anxiety leave their homes and navigate certain aspects of the outside world. There were several topics it addressed such as: eating, crossing the road, leaving the house etc. The topic I chose to work on was Shopping. I based my idea around a shopping list application. I researched the experiences of people with disabilities shopping and what exactly they had issues with when doing so.letsgo3

The applications primary function was so that the user could choose which type of shopping they wanted to do first. Then once they picked a standard ready made list would be provided to them. As well as the option to add in new items. Next to each entry is a place to add in the price. This will help the user keep track of their money so that they do not over spend or go over budget whilst shopping.


I used a programme called Brackets to complete this project which I wrote using HTML and CSS. Brackets is an open source text editor used to design web applications and sites. I have previously used the programme to make a website which can be viewed here. I thoroughly enjoyed being able to work with the programme again and make something that would hopefully be used in future to help people.


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