Usability Testing for Love and Robots

In our second year Usability module we were asked to carry out usability testing for an Irish jewelry website named Love and Robots. There were two other students in my group.


We were asked to complete three usability tasks. We gave the participants consent forms and pretesting questionnaires.

Task 1- First Impressions: The participant was asked to look and scroll through the website for 20 seconds then asked what they think the website is for.

Task 2- The participant is given a scenario: The scenario was as follows: ‘Their friend Tom has been living in the U.S.A. for the past 5 years. Toms Birthday is approaching and is quite nostalgic about Ireland. You have decided to buy Tom ‘The Map Wooden Bow Tie’. You want a map of Dublin to be on the bow tie and engrave the back with a birthday greeting from you.’ The participant was asked to customize the bow tie and then purchase it.

Task 3- Shipping: The Participant was asked to find out how much standard postage to the U.S.A. is and how long it will take to arrive there.

The main goal for these tasks was to test the ease of use of the website. Each task was centred on completing a specific task to do with the main aims and uses of the website. The participants video recorded whilst completing the tasks and then the data was collected.


In conclusion, the usability testing went well and we were able to provide sufficient and helpful feedback to the company which they took on board.

‘Overall the Love & Robots website has a minimalistic aesthetic and a good use of grids and lines. Users weren’t certain what the company was about or that they focused on 3D printing but they were able to use the site and finish the tasks quickly and efficiently. There was also a lack of a search bar which would help users find things more quickly.’

Being able to do this usability testing proved to be very rewarding and a good learning experience. It gave me the skills I needed to perform  user testing for my own projects. It was also very gratifying to be able to work for such a company.



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