Final CA post

List of implemented features:

  • Custom Header Image
  • Custom CV
  • Comments enabled
  • Contribtor added
  • Polls
  • 6 Pages 5 projects included
  • Custom sidebar widgets
  • Added tags and links in posts

My thoughts on WordPress are as follows: I think its a very good site for this type of project the finished layout is very good and clean. However, I think it has several usability issues. There are a lot of features that should be a lot easier to use than they are, for example linking pages to menus and adding polls. Some aspects could be more user friendly which is the only limitation I see at the moment. However the sites basic functions of adding and editing posts is relatively simple to use.

In terms of my own portfolio I am very happy with the end result I think it showcases my work very well. I hope to improve on it in the following year when I have more work to add to it. I like the comment features and being able to track how many people have seen the site, which is very beneficial for me.